How to Boost Home Value With Wintertime Curb Appeal

January 13, 2020

Check out this information shared by guest writer Claire Beaufort – Winter can feel pretty darn drab. A blanket of snow covering your lawn and nothing but bare trees can leave a property looking less than eye-catching, which is problematic if home value is important to you. Here’s how to amp up your curb appeal so you know your home will be a standout, regardless of the season.

Start with Structure

If you see a drab winter vista when you look at your home, you probably think there’s nothing you can do until warmer weather. There is actually one big project you can make terrific progress on during the cold months, and that’s hardscaping.

You might be surprised to learn that winter is actually an ideal time to address your yard’s hardscaping, since you can usually catch contractors and suppliers during their quieter time, and you might even save money in the process.

As The Spruce explains, hardscape refers to the hard structural elements of your yard, like a brick patio, stone benches, or gravel walkways. When you live in an area with strong winters, bear in mind that not all materials are created equal. Asphalt, concrete, and precast pavers, for example, tend to handle the elements particularly well.

Many hardscaping projects, like installing a paver patio, can be successfully accomplished DIY-style, or you can hire specialized contractors or handyman types to take on projects on your behalf. Just make sure you hire pros who are used to dealing with the elements so that new installations are built to last.

Stick to Smart Softscaping

Of course, your landscaping should include some softscaping. This will be the living elements in your yard, such as trees, perennials, shrubs, and annuals. Evergreens are probably the first thing you think of to spice up your winter softscape. However, there are various plants that can provide wintertime appeal, well beyond typical evergreens.

Thompson & Morgan recommend thinking in terms of plants with colorful bark, such as dogwood shrubs, or shrubs that offer fruit in winter, like holly. As a bonus, those berries can bring wildlife to your yard, boosting winter interest all the more.

Another idea is to add plantings with sculptural interest. For instance, Japanese maple trees have eye-catching bends and dark bark that stands out during otherwise bleak weather, and then they offer lovely foliage during the growing season. Similarly, birch trees have beautiful, papery bark that peels, adding unusual texture to the landscape throughout winter. This is followed with lush leaves throughout spring and summer, then beautiful color changes in fall.

Keep in mind that planting can be tricky. You need to take into account your growing zone, and you should also think about individual areas in your yard. How much light, wind, and rain a plant receives (or endures!) can impact its health. For this reason, hiring a professional gardener is often advisable. They can give you insights not only into your softscaping installations but also into how they will work in conjunction with the hardscaping.

Remember Creature Comforts

There is little sense in creating a beautiful landscape without setting yourself up to be able to savor it! With that in mind, consider adding some things that will allow you to enjoy your yard in all but the worst of weather.

For instance, a fire pit takes the chill off during evening gatherings, and of course, you’ll want to cozy up to it with comfortable chairs and a side table or two. And to keep your gear handy but out of the elements, you may want to invest in a shed, which will add to your property value all the more.

Ensuring your property has year-round eye appeal is a great way to boost its value. Think about enhancing both your hardscape and softscape, and make sure you can enjoy the results. With a little enhancing, your home will be a standout, no matter what Old Man Winter sends your way!